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We are looking for great content creators to work with us and be seen by our audience!

Some of the Many Benefits of working with BeautySplash:

1. Help lots of people!  BeautySplash is a widely read blog about improving our natural beauty through skin care, hair care and makeup. We feature articles that give people truly easy to implement ways to live healthier, and look and feel better. Your article or video will help many people improve their life which is truly fulfilling!

2. Get paid! cash for your content (written articles or videos). Amounts depend on several factors including your social media following and expertise level as well as the quality of the content you produce.

3. Get discovered! We have a large social media following and many email subscribers who love the content we share with them. If your content is featured on goPure Today it will be seen by many people many of whom will end up following you as well.

4. Get traffic! We allow author boxes with bylines for the content on our site – including up to 3 links to your blog, youtube channel or social media properties. If readers love your article, video or DIY tutorial they will click through and follow your content as well.

Please note we are not accepting SEO type submissions or any kind of “fluff” content. Our mission is to truly help our readers so we will only accept high quality and valuable content.  

Read through what we are looking for below and if you feel you are a fit contact us using the form at the bottom of this page!



1. Word count: Our posts typically run between 1000-2000 words. Depending on the topic.

2. Tone: Inclusive, accessible and generally positive. Our mission is to inspire people to feel and be more beautiful and we aim to do this in a positive way!

3. Original Content: We ask that any articles you submit to us be unique and original to BeautySplash. We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online (not even on your personal blog) or that you plan to distribute to other websites and we do check for this.

4. Topics: We find that educational posts, DIY Beauty Tutorials, healthy food recipes and personal inspiring stories do the best for us. We are not super picky however and accept any posts that we feel will add value for our readers and help improve their lives.

5. Images: If you do a DIY Tutorial on makeup or anything else we definitely encourage images to help explain the process. Here is an example of what a good DIY image looks like. While they are not required they do help to make it a better article, therefore your chances of being featured and promoted are a lot higher.



1. Generally educational and how-to DIY videos are what we look for. Product reviews of natural products are also welcome, but DIY videos are what our audience likes the most. We do not edit submitted videos so they need to be sent to us in a completed version. If you would like to see if we would be interested in your style fill out the form below with a link to some other videos you’ve done with us.

2. Video Length – generally the videos we want are between 2-5 minutes long.  A good DIY tutorial that’s around 2 minutes is totally acceptable but you are welcome to go up to 5 minutes if you need more time to teach the tutorial.

3. Original Content – the video needs to be made specifically for BeautySplash and will be featured on our youtube channel (with up to 3 links to your website and/or social media properties)




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