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What is the Difference Between a Facial Serum and a Facial Cream? Do you need both?

Facial Serum or Facial Cream

With the latest rage about facial serums (especially Vitamin C Serum), understanding the difference between a cream and a serum can be one of your most important decisions when looking for skincare products. Part of your decision will be based on your type of skin and the other part will be based on your preferences for what either a serum or cream can provide. Either way, knowing which one is best for your skin will ensure the longevity of healthy, glowing skin.

Facial Creams or Oils

Facial creams have been around for almost ever, literally. It is the simple act of putting oil with water to make a cream moisturizer. Facial creams have provided moisturizing bliss for many people for a long time. As creams are the most popular form of moisturizing they are also the most plentiful on the market, which is both good and bad.

Finding the right cream

Putting a daily moisturizer on your skin should be done with care.    Choosing the wrong solution for your skin can end up with disaster. From creating blocked pores to irritating your skin to making skin issues worst. That is why when looking for facial creams you need to be aware of the current amount of poorly formed creams on the market.

Choose Organic

Too many marketed creams are filled with fillers and chemicals. When looking for a facial hydrating cream; remember to choose those with ingredients you can understand. Practically 90% of all listed FDA listed cosmetic ingredients for skin care have not been studied for their safe use on humans over a long term; over 10,000 chemicals at the moment. With over a 1000 chemicals banned for use in cosmetics in Europe compared to only 10 in the US, you should always use the precautionary principle. When possible choose a facial cream that is as close to 100% natural or organic as possible.

Creams for Skin Types

Generally because of their higher content in oils, creams are usually better for those with normal or dry skin types or combination skin types. You may especially need a hydrating or moisturizing cream if you live in an extremely harsh cold climate or in a particularly hot and humid climate. These moisturizing creams create a barrier on your skin to keep out the elements of sun and wind and keep moisture in. Just be careful as they can also clog your pores for those with large pores or normal to oily skin.

Facial Serums

Facial Serums are relatively new to the world of skin care and many people shy away from anything new simply because of the unknown. However, there is a reason why they are fast becoming part of a skin care line up that you should use.

facial serumSerum makeup

Facial serums are different than creams, as they do not contain any of the oils or waxes that are used in creams. In that sense they are often a lot lighter in their application than a cream and are absorbed more readily into the skin. They are primarily made form water and antioxidant and anti-aging minerals that invigorate the skin. With most of the liquid evaporated from a facial serum, what is left absorbs quickly into the skin.

Skin Types

Serums provide nutrients and natural chemicals that your skin needs to restore its youthful vigor. Many professionals consider quality skin serums as part of a natural face lift program. With CoQ10, peptides, vitamins and retinol, many serums give a very uplifting addition to your facial skin care regimen. As a skin rejuvenation application serums are great for any skin type.

Higher Cost?

Although there is generally a higher cost to facial serums it is not always more expensive when compared to actual usage need. You need very little serum to deliver the nutrients your skin needs, whereas you may need to hydrate and moisturize with a cream more often and with more volume.

Serum or Cream

This will depend on your own skin, but many high-profile skin care experts are relying more on facial serums to provide skin nutrients, fight skin damage and help in anti-aging efforts. After you apply your evening facial serum to help boost your skin from a day in the sun, wind or pollution, you can add a facial cream afterwards to hydrate and moisturize.

Make it a Routine

By combining the two options you can get the best of both worlds. For those people with dry, normal or combination skin, this is possibly the best choice on the market today. Include a great anti-aging facial serum to restore the vitality of your skin and then within an hour of application at night, add an all natural facial cream to seal in the nutrients and re-hydrate your skin.

For those with combination skin; simply avoid the “T “area with the cream and those with oily skin, you can happily enjoy the benefits of a facial serum without the worry of clogging your pores.

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