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What is Shea Butter and How is it Made?


Shea Butter

What is Shea Butter and How is Shea Butter Made?  These are common questions that are asked and we are here to help answer these for you.

Shea Butter is an Ivory or Yellowish fat that is extracted from the nut of the African Shea Tree which blooms fall and into late summer. This fat that’s extracted is well known for its Cosmetic Healing Agents due to containing Vitamin A, E & F as well as Essential Fatty Acids and Antioxidants. These Properties absorb into the skin quickly providing many benefits for skin, skin conditions, hair and nails.

Here is more on the benefits of Shea Butter and How it is Made:

Benefits and Uses of Shea Butter

Shea Butter is a great product for all Men, Women and Children because it is 100% all natural and organic!  It is also great for pregnant women to help reduce Stretch Marks, Moisturize the belly and help with the itching.  A great benefit of Shea Butter is that it immediately helps relieve itching but for other benefits, you need to be patient as results can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks.  But the wonderful news while waiting for your results, you are using an ALL natural product and moisturizing your skin in the process.  Sounds like a Win Win to me!  Here are other benefits Shea Butter also provides:

Relief from Dry Skin

Helps Soothe Sun Burns

Reduces Wrinkles

Helps provide relief for Psoriasis and Ezcema

Reduces Muscle Fatigue, Tension and Body Aches

Face and Body Moisturizer

Shaving Cream

Reduces Acne as well as acne scars

These are just a few of the common benefits of using Shea Butter.  You can also make soaps, creams, conditioner and other items using essential oils.  So for an All Natural Product that has this many Benefits…. let me explain how it is made as it is an interesting process and explains just how Natural Shea Butter is to you and your skin.

How the Shea Tree Nut Becomes Shea Butter

The process of Making Shea Butter, begins by picking the Ripe Fruit from the Shea Tree.  Then the outer part of the Fruit is scraped away to reveal the nut or seed.  This nut is left to dry in the sun.

When the nut is dry, the women of the community gather together to socialize while sitting on the ground and use small rocks to crack open the Shea nut and to remove the outer shell.

In order to turn these nuts into the actual butter, the nuts Must be crushed.  These nuts are tough and require the use of mortars in order to really crush the nut to be roasted.

Once the nut is crushed, they are put into wood burning pots over the fire. The nuts need constant stirring as to not burn the butter. If you ever notice the smoky scent of the shea butter, it is because the butter is hot, cooked over an open fire and creates that smoky scent.

Once the shea nuts have been roasted, they are then ground.  These need to have a smoother consistency and water is added slowly as this process of the mixing is all done by hand and you want the perfect paste and perefct mix.

The women then take the mixed paste and knead this by hand and more water is added.  At this time the water is added to help separate out the butter oils.  The butter oils rise to the top and are removed. The oils that is removed is then poured into a large pot and stirred frequently over fire and the water is boiled out.

The shea butter is now the yellowish or ivory color and is taken from the pots and stored away in a cool place to harden.  So these women are working hard to get this shea nut opened, crushed, roasted, ground down, separation of the oils and then collected and stored.  These women are outside during this entire process and they also use the Shea Butter on their skin to help protect them from dryness near the flames, the crushing with the mortars on their hands as well as a barrier on their skin like sunscreen.

The Purest form of Shea Butter is made using these rigorous steps.  So these Shea Trees provide great health and skin benefits and require a ton of work from these women and we appreciate all their hard work.


We would love to hear your thoughts on shea butter and what you use it for and if you have any great recipes that you have for use of this Great Organic Product!


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