Fascinating Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

What is Eucalyptus Essential Oil?

Yielded from the dried leaves of the eucalyptus tree, eucalyptus oil is a colorless liquid that offers a sweet, woody scent. There are more than 700 different species of eucalyptus trees in the world, and 500 species that produce essential oil.

Eucalyptus oil has been used for centuries for medicinal applications. The Aboriginal people of Australia used this oil to treat body pains, cold symptoms, congestion, fever and more. Eucalyptus oil was commonly used in the 19th century as an antiseptic during surgical operations. Today, eucalyptus oil is recognized for an even wider range of uses; for example, it is known to be an effective insecticide and form of aromatherapy.

The Benefits and Uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Respiratory Problems

Eucalyptus essential oil can effectively treat a number of problems associated with the respiratory system, including coughing, congestion, bronchitis, sinusitis and other symptoms of the common cold. A medicinal powerhouse, it offers antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and decongestant properties.

This oil is also a widely recognized treatment for asthma. While anyone suffering from asthma should consult their doctor regarding the use of eucalyptus oil, it is commonly used alongside other treatments. When a couple drops of the oil is massaged onto the chest, it calms the throat and dilates the blood vessels, allowing the sufferer to breath normally.

Mental Fatigue

Eucalyptus oil is used for aromatherapy around the world, and with good reason: it is an effective stimulant that creates a refreshing atmosphere. It has been shown in multiple studies to promote blood circulation, which improves productivity and mental clarity. It is also an effective treatment for those who suffer from stress, anxiety and depression.


Because eucalyptus oil has antiseptic properties, it offers outstanding healing and protective qualities for cuts, burns, abrasions and other wounds. It provides soothing relief to the site of the wound while preventing it from developing the infections that may otherwise result from microbial activity.

Muscle Pain

Eucalyptus oil is also an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, and is ideal for those who suffer from the muscle and joint pain that accompanies sprained tendons, arthritis, fibromyalgia and nerve pain. For quick relief, eucalyptus oil can be massaged using a circular motion directly on the site of pain.

Dental Care

With its germicidal properties, eucalyptus essential oil is very effective in protecting against cavities, gingivitis, plaque and other dental problems. For this reason, it is widely used in dental hygiene products. It is highly effective when used as a mouthwash, as it prevents the microbial growth that is responsible for a number of diseases and symptoms that affect the entire body.

Fever Reducer

Eucalyptus oil is also known as “fever oil,” as it is highly effective in reducing body temperature. It works especially well when combined with peppermint and sprayed directly onto the body.

Room Freshener

Whether used in the home or at a hospital, eucalyptus oil is the perfect room freshener. It kills airborne bacteria and germs, effectively keeping the air clean and sterilized.


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