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Do You Contour Your Face?

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Contouring?  What is it exactly and how do you know what to put where?  One of the definitions of Contouring is the Edge or Line that defines a shape. I have been seeing more and more about contouring and am SO intrigued by it! It’s amazing how applying lighter or darker makeup in certain areas of your face can make some facial features appear smaller or help highlight your best features.  I have walked into many makeup stores wanting to try this but am usually scared that I will end up looking like I have random colors on my face. Since I’m all about DIY, I started to search for some great DIY videos on this and realized it’s much easier than it sounds.

YouTube Beauty Guru Amanda Ensing uploaded a great video that shows you how to contour and explains how different face shapes should be contoured in different places.  She definitely made this look easy and I can’t wait to try this quick way to highlight more of my favorite facial features!

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via: Amanda Ensing Youtube Channel

How great to go from day wear to night wear with just different placements and colors.  I would love to hear about what works for you and how you Contour your face.  If you haven’t tried it before, did you try the steps she mentioned?  How were your results?

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