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Argan Oil – 6 Important Things to Know Before You Buy

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What is argan oil? And why has it popped up all of a sudden in
countless beauty products and health blogs? Don’t worry, if you know nothing about argan oil you’re not alone. In this piece, we’ll discuss exactly what argan oil is, where it comes from, what its benefits are, and what it is being used for in beauty regimens all over the world.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is a natural plant oil taken from the kernels of the argan tree. Many users fondly call the oil “liquid gold” due to its many benefits and rich nutrients, including vitamin E and a number of fatty acids. The argan tree is native to Morocco, where it is used in daily food such as an oil in which to dip bread, toss salads in, or to drizzle over couscous. There have been many claims from researchers and other experts that the daily consumption of argan oil may prevent a variety of cancers, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. Argan oil can replace animal fats, such as butter, in our diets to reduce triglycerides and cholesterol levels in the blood.

Benefits of Using Argan Oil

In addition to the physical benefits of consuming argan oil, it also has many cosmetic benefits for the hair, skin, and nails. Because it contains vitamin E and fatty acids, argan oil is an ideal treatment all over the body, see below for the following uses:

  • Skin Moisturizer: The light oil is an easily absorbed, non-greasy, and non-irritating oil, which makes it ideal for skin softening and moisturizing. The oil is safe to use all over the body, which makes it attractive to those who have various moisturizers and hydration materials overflowing from their cabinets.
  • Leave in conditioner: In a world where we torture our hair and scalp with irons, curlers, and blow dryers, we need to pamper our hair every once in a while to keep it healthy and happy. By simply adding a few drops of argan oil to the roots and tips of hair, split ends will stay at bay and scalps will stay dandruff-less.
  • Styling Serum: Instead of paying $25 for a 3 oz. bottle of anti-frizz serum, try argan oil. The oil has proven able to tame frizzy hair and leave it with a lasting shine that no other product has managed to do. Not only will this oil help your hair look sleek, but using it as part of your everyday styling routine can actually keep your hair healthy by protecting it from all the potentially damaging things you do to it day in and day out.
  • Anti-aging: Turn back the clock. No, seriously. Argan oil reduces the appearance of wrinkles and gives skin a very youthful glow. The oil acts as an anti-oxidant and restores elasticity to the skin, resulting in softer, plumper skin. To use argan oil as an anti-ageing product, simply massage a few drops of the oil into the skin of the face and neck before bed.
  • Feet, hands, and nails: We’ve all been there, cracked, hard, and dry skin on our hands and feet, especially in the winter. Argan oil can be used to not only moisturize these areas, but to relieve the potential pain and itchiness caused by these afflictions. The oil also helps brittle nails to get and stay stronger. By rubbing a few drops into the skin of the hands, feet, nails, and cuticles before bed each night, you will soon have the soft skin and strong nails that you used to have.
  • Baby Bump: In addition to using argan oil to keep your skin, hair, and nails strong during pregnancy, women are also using it to prevent puckered and sagging skin afterwards. Due to the high level of vitamin E in the oil, massaging the oil over the stomach, butt, breasts, legs, and arms will help the skin retain its elasticity so it can bounce back to normal while you worry about what’s important.

Why pay hundreds of dollars for various conditioners, lotions, nail treatments, frizz serums, and expensive anti-ageing creams when you need only use a few drops of argan oil daily to achieve a healthy and natural beauty.

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