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Actress Catherine Zeta Jones Reveals Beauty Secret for her Youthful – Dewy Complexion


If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities get that dewy – youthful glow, Catherine Zeta Jones will gladly reveal her secret potion. Recently the 46-year-old Hollywood star revealed that she “saturates” her face with Argan Oil to maintain her flawless, youthful complexion.

The Daily Mail reported that during a live online Q&A session to promote her new movie Dad’s Army, one fan asked Catherine which moisturizer she uses. She gladly shared: “I’m finding, just from traveling from New York and being in heated hotel rooms, my skin feels like a Walker’s crisp at the moment, but I’ve been using some argan oil to saturate my skin at night, so it has some nourishment as I sleep, to start the day a little bit more hydrated.”

Organic Argan Oil oil is produced from nuts of the Argan tree, which is native to Morocco and has long been used by women to treat dry skin, acne, wrinkles and even stretch marks. Nothing will add radiance and health to your skin quite like Organic Argan Oil.

Here are 5 quick ways that you can incorporate Argan Oil into your Beauty routine in order to obtain that natural-dewy glow:

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1. Exfoliate

If you want to achieve the “glowing skin look”, you should start by having a healthy skin surface. Exfoliating once a week removes dead skin cells, allows your moisturizers to better penetrate your skin and can actually prevent your face from looking greasy. Argan Oil is a great base for an exfoliating recipe because it will infuse your pores with Vitamin A & E, anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. It is considered a non-comedogenic, dry oil and is safe for all skin types including acne prone skin.

How to Use:

Exfoliate during the night so that you can apply an over night moisturizer that will soothe your skin. Cleanse your face with your favorite cleanser and then apply the following recipe: Mix 1 tablespoon of brown sugar with a couple of drops of argan oil in your hand. Rub into your face in soft, circular motions for 2-4 minutes. Rinse with warm water, and pat dry.

2. Moisturize

Argan Oil deeply hydrates and nourishes skin. If you have oily skin, don’t fret! Even oily skin will benefit from the moisturizing properties of this oil. Argan Oil is a great natural alternative to many night creams and can also be added to your favorite day moisturizer for enhanced radiance. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and actually balances sebum over-production in your glands. This oil is gentle, and safe to use around your eyes. Vitamins A & E can help to reduce fine wrinkles and keep the delicate eye area moisturized.

How to Use:

Cleanse your face with your favorite natural cleanser. Apply a few drops of Argan Oil onto your face and use a tapping motion to spread the oil through out your face. Then apply a drop beneath your eyes with the same gentle tapping. Let it sink in for a few minutes, you can use a paper towel to dab away any traces of excess oil before applying makeup.  

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3. Mix with Foundation

Have you encountered foundations that give you a super matte or flat looking finish? In order to get a soft glow, you can mix a drop or 2 of Argan Oil into your liquid or cream foundation.  This will help you achieve a luminous glow and keep your foundation from looking “cakey”.

How to Use: 

Begin by making sure your hands are clean to avoid transferring any germs onto your face. Apply the foundation on the back of your hand. Add a drop of Argan Oil and blend together using a stippling brush, high-quality sponge or or your preferred method of blending. Lastly, apply foundation to your face. (I have oily skin and I began mixing Argan Oil into my MAC foundation because I found it to be too drying. Now my skin looks healthy even with makeup on and it is not greasy through out the day) For people with Oily skin who are afraid of mixing oil with their foundation continue reading to #4.

4. Strategic Highlight

Perk up a tired-dull face by applying Argan Oil as a “highlighter”.  Some of us have tried using makeup highlighters to achieve that “dewy” finish Catherine Zeta Jones masters so well. The downfall is that at times, those highlighting products have glitter and we end up looking like we are wearing tons of makeup. If you have oily skin and are afraid of mixing oil into your foundation, you can try dabbing Argan Oil in strategic areas of your face to brighten up your look.

How to Use:

To achieve a subtle sheen, instead of applying a makeup highlighter, apply a dab of oil to key areas of your face: cheekbones, brow bones down the bridge of nose and on cupids bow.

5. Makeup Remover

5 Ways Argan Oil Will Help you Achieve the New Beauty Trend of 2016: Youthful, Dewy Skin!

Using a natural makeup remover is key to ending your day with glowing skin. I personally use Argan Oil every single day to remove my eye makeup. It is so gentle to use around the eyes and my skin has never been smoother. The Argan Oil gently removes even the most stubborn waterproof makeup while it nourishes your skin.

How to Use:

Start off with washing your hands so that they are free of all germs. Apply a few drops of Argan Oil to your fingers and dab the oil all over your face and eyes. Then take a cotton pad and gently wipe stubborn make up off. Afterwards use your favorite natural cleanser to remove any makeup residue that may have been left behind.

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I hope these Argan Oil tips help you achieve that Youthful – Dewy appearance and of course it’s always good to remember the basics:  exfoliate, moisturize, get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water. If you try any of these tips or if you have other tips to achieving a “natural radiant look”, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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