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6 Beauty Product Ingredients to Avoid At All Costs

Collection of various make up accessoriesWhen we’re shopping for our favorite shampoos, lotions or cosmetics, how often do we actually read their ingredients? Let’s be honest here, at least for some of us, on the occasion that we actually stop and read a label, we’re often been confronted with scientific sounding words and chemical names that we can barely pronounce. Sometimes we even take those out of the basket. After some investigating, Beauty Splash has compiled a list of 6 Beauty Product Ingredients to avoid at all costs.


So what is Diethanolamine anyway? Diethanolamine is a chemical that is used in various beauty products like Shampoos, Conditioners, Creams, Lotions and various other cosmetics. It functions as a wetting agent in shampoos, lotions, creams and other cosmetics. DEA’s use is widespread throughout the beauty industry due to it’s famous lathering ability and it’s rich textures within lotions as well as creams. While it may not be considered harmful when used independently, as time goes on, the chemical sitting in the bottle or jar on your dresser or bathroom cabinet, may actually react to other added ingredients within the cosmetics formula. This can create a dangerously potent carcinogen that is known as Nitrosodiethanolamine. It is easily and instantly absorbed into the skin, which moves right into your bloodstream and can affect gastric health, esophagus and even your Liver and Bladder functions. Scary huh? Next time you’re out shopping for a refill on your hair and beauty care products, be sure to give the ingredient panel a once over.


Formaldehyde is one of those names that instantly conjures up thoughts of all things creepy, i.e., funeral homes and mausoleums. What are the chances that you have seen this ingredient in any of your beauty products or have even thought it possible to find it there? Formaldehyde is known as a likely carcinogen as well as irritant that can be found in many nail products, shampoos, hair dye’s and even eyelash adhesives. This ingredient is so feared that it has been banned altogether in Europe.


This one is a little trickier if not somewhat frightening. Because Lead is not considered an ingredient but instead a contaminant, it is rarely, if ever listed in the panel of ingredients. What’s more, it’s not even regulated, pretty disturbing considering that it is a known carcinogen. We all have our favorite lip-colors, myself included, it’s safe to say that we should be careful when shopping for palettes to adorn out pretty pouts with. Additionally, Lead can also be found in some Hair Dyes out on the market. Lucky for us, there are a number of lead-free lipstick and hair dye options from which to choose, and various vendors from which to choose from. Sure, we might pay a pinch more for lead-free options, but as they say “it’s better to be safe, than sorry”.


My eyes are always glued to those wild and zany mascara commercials; how many of us have at least two mascara brands in our makeup bags? That’s right! I can hear all those “me’s” from way over here at Beauty Splash. If we’re being truthful, I’m sure most of us have a minimum of two of these bad boys. The longer we can get our lashes and the thicker, the better right? Shoot, I’ve used mascara to fill out my eyebrows from time to time. So where does Mercury come in? You guessed it, Mercury can be found in Mascara, as well as eye-drops. If your like me, you have at least one eye-dropper in your makeup case, you know, for all those times you lined those inner eye-lids a bit to quickly and a tad to sloppily. Mercury is a very well known allergen that may cause brain impairment. I know, I’m cringing too! Aren’t you glad that Beauty Splash has your back? That’s what we’re here for, to educate and inform. Beauty Power!!


This is one of those ingredients that most of us may have heard of; we’ve all seen the commercials where the gorgeous model, with the illustrious locks we’d die for (not literally), smiles at the camera and says “no Parabens”. Well what the heck are Parabens? Parabens are identified as additives that possess an antimicrobial function. Parabens are often used as an ingredient to preserve the compounds in both cosmetics and food. Oh and beautiful ones, make a note of this: Parabens can be found in a variety of cosmetics, from Deodorants, Makeup, Lotions, Lipsticks, as well as fragrances and shampoos and conditioners. Pretty much any beauty product. And, please be vigil because oftentimes, Paraben is left off of the label or listed under another name. Paraben is simply a family of chemicals and it’s possible that it may be on your beauty products label under another name. This dangerous ingredient has been linked to cancers, as well as reproductive toxicity and endocrine disruption.


This one may be a little surprising, many of us have grown up with baby powder as a household staple for hygiene. Who knew that our Baby Powder, which in many cases includes Talc as a main ingredient, could be linked to Ovarian Cancer or Respiratory problems? That’s not all, Talc can also be found in Blushes, Eye Shadows and Deodorant among other beauty products. Talc has a similar composition to that of Asbestos. Many of us will have to rethink our household staples and with new awareness, go out into the world in search of alternatives.


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