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5 Easy & Healthy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Skin



When you want to feel and look years younger there are 5 important techniques for reducing aging appearances in your skin. In order to rejuvenate your skin to help you look younger, fresher and stay that way, you need a full comprehensive plan that touches on every area of skin rejuvenation. In the five tips below, you get hard facts and a realistic plan to rejuvenate your skin without harsh chemicals, expensive laser treatments or basic advice like avoiding the sun.

Essential Oils

essential oilsIf you have damaged your skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun or by not taking care of it properly, one of the best natural ways to improve it immediately is to start a skin care regimen that includes essential oils. Natural, organic essential oils can do wonders for your skin. With hundreds of different oils and thousands of combinations you can literally find the right mix to fix and rejuvenate your skin.

From oils that help fight acne, to those that reduce sun spots to those that simply hydrate your malnourished skin, there are plenty of oils to help you. There are even oils that reduce inflammation from sun exposure or muscle ailments. Tea Tree oil fights acne, Rosehip Seed Oil helps fight aging and dry skin, whereas Neroli oil helps smooth out fine lines and Ylang Ylang even helps the elasticity of your skin. Find the right mix for you and rejuvenate your skin.

Mind & Body

Stress and fitness are two surprisingly effective factors that can help you look  and feel young and vibrantmind and body clarity. When you are stressed, you tend to develop “worry lines” in classic areas around your face adding to the age-perception of your skin. If you are out of shape, it can actually decrease the elasticity of your skin increasing the amount and severity of lines from stress.

Start a healthy regimen of active exercise that meets your lifestyle. From lifting weights to light cardio you can help get your skin back on track by simply giving it the work out it needs to stay elastic and recover from sun damage or stress. At the same time, start to de-stress your life and find methods to cope with stress such as soothing yoga or meditation.

Stop Smoking

no smoking One of the largest factors that may be affecting the health of your skin is simply a nasty smoking habit. Of course everyone knows that smoking is horrible for your overall health and leads to multiple types of cancer; however did you know that it also contributes greatly to the degeneration of your skin?

The smoke actually causes biochemical changes in your skin that damage its ability to produce collagen and elastin in its upper layers. The act of smoking as in its repetitive motions of pursed lips and squinting of eyes may result in more lines as you age. A recent study showed those as young as 20 can show wrinkle lines from smoking under a microscope. Quit today by getting into a program and within months to a year your skin will regain some of its previous vitality.

Eat Healthy

Vegetables and fruitsYou are what you eat. Eating healthy is a theory that helps combat the idea of cellular destruction by free radicals. Under this hypothesis, the body’s cells naturally degrade and may do so faster by the introduction of free radicals into the body on a higher level. These free radicals attack healthy cells and change or mutate them into cancer cells or simply kill them off.

There are two aspects to your eating habits that can both hurt and help your skin. First, the bad news; free radicals have been proven to show more prevalent in heavily processed foods. So fast food commercially made frozen meals and heavily processed meats such as deli meats and cured or smoked meats all have higher concentrations of free radicals. Whereas, natural foods and those high in anti-oxidants help to restore the balance in your system and eliminate free radicals. Antioxidants have been shown to neutralize free radicals by stabilizing them. The more antioxidants consumed or absorbed, the less damage these free radicals do to your cellular structures, including your skin.

Natural Serums

serumNow let’s move from the preventative to the restorative; using Vitamin C serums to help your skin in its rejuvenation. As mentioned above antioxidants can help fight free radicals in the skin and one of the best antioxidants for the skin is Vitamin C. Not only does the Vitamin C serum fight off free radicals that may be damaging your skin but it also helps prevent the photo-aging process of the sun.

These effective serums also help prohibit the appearance of age spots, freckles and mottled skin tone by being a protectant against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Vitamin C also helps influence collagen synthesis, the natural chemical your body produces to help firm up your skin and strengthen it.

Choose a healthy lifestyle that promotes natural healing, including the use of essential oils and Vitamin C serums for both protection and rejuvenation of your skin.

We would love to hear from you on what ways you rejuvenate your skin.  We love hearing from our readers about what they use and how they use it.  Please leave a comment!

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