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5 Top Beauty Gurus on Youtube You Need to Follow

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Where do we all go when we need ideas and inspiration for a new look? Whether it’s hair and make-up or general fabulosity, lets be honest, we go straight to youtube! I for one have jumped on the Beauty Vlogger bandwagon many times; once for an emergency “how to” when I accidentally dyed my hair three colors (coming off of black) and of course, to copy a multitude of makeup tutorials. We all have our favorites, but who are the Top 5 Beauty Guru’s?

Michelle Phan

7.3 Million Subscribers
1 Billion + Views

Michelle began her Vlog career on Youtube in 2007 where she kicked off her first video with a Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial, that same video now holds over 10 million views. Michelle graduated throughout the years to better imagery, camera and lighting, as well as providing other awesome tips on hair, makeup and functionality. From “how to stretch your shoes with Ice”, to experimenting with Contacts and creating fun replicas of the Lolita look and other favorite characters like Mulan, Hatsune Miku, Princess Jasmine and Belle, of Beauty and the Beast to name a few.

In just 3 years she was named The Official Video Makeup Artist by Lancome, what an honor, and that’s not all. Michelle went on to co-found IPSY, a makeup and beauty subscription service. IPSY finds and curates the best that beauty has to offer, and at just $10 bucks a month, subscribers have access to The Glam Bag. Michelle still Vlogs regularly and you can find vlogs on topics such as Beauty Reviews, Tutorials, Tips and DIY’s on things like DIY Cucumber Pads for Puffy Eyes, my favorite, the DIY Wine Mask, Hairstyles and more. If Michelle wasn’t lucky enough, Loreal recently launched a cosmetics line called EM by Michelle Phan, kudos to Michelle on all of her success.

Zoe Sugg, Better Known As “Zoella” on Youtube

7 Million Subscribers
330 Million + Views

Zoella commenced her Vlog career on Youtube 5 years ago, in 2009 where she launched her first video aptly named “60 Things In My Bedroom“. Zoella is beyond adorable; she is personable and super-sweet. Her vlog is full of wonderful tidbits like “13 Personal Questions” where she tells viewers what her middle name is, favorite color (yellow) and what her favorite book is (or not). Zoella is a natural beauty, charming and connects with her viewers on a personal level.

Zoella’s Vlog is full of hysterical collaborative videos with other Youtube Influencers, including her boyfriend of the “Pointless Blog“. With quirky topics like “The Friendship Test” among others, this girl has got the right formula and knows her stuff. Zoella has won a number of awards and accolades: from being named “The Queen Of Haul” by British Vogue to being awarded the title of “Best Beauty Vlogger” by Metro. Zoella released her first novel, “Girl Online” in 2014 and broke the record for the highest sales. In addition, she also launched a line of beauty products, Zoella Beauty, in September of 2014, being recognized as the “Biggest Launch of the year” by Metro. We wish her continued success, from all of us at Beauty Splash.

Meredith Foster A.K.A. StilaBabe09 On Youtube

3.157 + Subscribers 219.4 + Million Views

Meredith is quite a character; she’s young, fresh-faced and a whole ton of fun with an audience to match. School-Aged girls love her and we can totally see why, she’s funny, quirky, often goofy and quite endearing. Meredith launched StilaBabe09 in 2009, where she picked up where another of her Vlogs left off. Barely a teen at the time, viewers have grown up with her on their Youtube screens and watched her grow both her follower count and her craft. Meredith’s followers even got to see her graduate from high school back in June, 2014.

The world is her oyster and Meredith knows it; she is keen on what her audience likes and how to help and advise them along the way. She is personable and one of the most likable and relate-able Beauty Guru’s on youtube. Meredith always injects a dose of cute and adorable, blended with funny faces and narration into her Vlogs. As of this moment we don’t see an existing partnership between Meredith and any cosmetic or beauty brands, but we can tell that she has a bright future ahead, she was recently featured in the Dec/Jan issue of Teen Vogue with her sister Lizzie. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for Meredith. For fun Makeup and Hair Vlogs and Tutorials, as well as giveaways and general randomness, head on over to StilaBabes09 and enjoy the show.

Ingrid Nilsen A.K.A. Miss Glamorazzi

3.150 + Million Subscribers
226.6 + Million Views

Ingrid is a refreshing and insightful Beauty Guru, her tutorials are spot-on, simple and to the point. Her first Vlog kicked off in November of 2009 with an in-depth lip color tutorial. That first year was centered around Makeup, Products Reviews and Outfits, the second year we saw additions of Hair Tutorials, Routines, Giveaways and Favorites.

Ingred Nilsen has honed her Vlogging craft and pretty early on exhibited signs of a true Makeup Guru; just a year after starting her Vlog, in July of 2010, Ingrid announced to her viewers that she was crowned a New Beauty Smarty for Seventeen Magazine, this was followed by her feature image in Seventeen’s August of 2010, Back To School Issue. Seventeen’s Beauty Smarties offer Tips, Tricks and Tutorials through exclusive video content on That same month Ingrid let the world in on a little secret, she was going to be featured in Jackson Hanson’s Music Video “Long Story Short“, quite an accomplishment for a novice Vlogger and reluctant Beauty Guru at the time.

The following year, in 2011, Ingrid won the NextUp contest and her Vlog expanded with more content, including Nail Tutorials. What’s more you can now catch Ingrid Nilsen on Project Runway as a Threads Judge. This Beauty Guru is not only a natural beauty, her personality shines through from the inside out. She’s an empathetic presenter who truly cares about her audience and tunes them into every facet of Makeup and Beauty that she can get her hands on. We look forward to seeing more of Ingrid Nilsen on her Miss Glamorazzi Youtube Vlog and beyond.

Lindsay Tsang A.K.A. Bubz Beauty on Youtube

2.8 + Million Subscribers
371.7 + Million Views

Lindsay is a force to be reckoned with, this sweet Beauty Guru jumped right on the scene with her first Beauty Vlog in September of 2008 and wasted zero time getting into the more complicated makeup applications. Her very first beauty video was focused on Contouring, which is quite impressive for a newbie Vlogger. From the very inception of her Vlog she was focused on all things beauty; Makeup, Hair and Fashion. She has taken youtube by storm and only continues to grow.

Lindsay is bubbly and even comical at times, she’s very easy to watch and is each Vlog is really a treat. From homemade masks to tea facials, this gal has always got something cooking for her audience. Lindsay shares satirical comedy ala “The Asian Hannah Montana” labeled “watch at your own risk“, to sharing “60 random things“. Her formula is genius: no holds bar, diving into even the most controversial topics such as Racism, to soulful exchanges like her “Finding Happiness” Vlog.

Watching Lindsay is sort of like tuning into your very own besties’ channel. She embodies everything beautiful. In 2011 Lindsay launched her own Beauty site Bubz Beauty and went on to start her own Cosmetics business, a makeup brush line, Shop Bubbi. We just love watching Lindsay, if you haven’t caught her on Youtube yet, you’re going to love her.

The Best Is Yet To Come

While all of these fabulous Beauty Guru’s have had amazing success, they all started with basic video tutorials and later advanced to better packaged audio and video Vlogging. They are all an inspiration in their own right and there are dozens of more Beauty Guru’s in the making, climbing the Youtube ranks on a daily basis. We look forward to being inspired by all of these hard working ladies. If you have a favorite, please feel free to comment below. We look forward to reading your comments. Have a beautiful day from your friends at Beauty Splash.

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