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5 DIY Beauty Hacks using ALL Natural ingredients

5 DIY Beauty Hacks

About the youtuber in the video:  Dyna is a beauty expert and creates tons of youtube videos showing hacks, beauty routines, product testimonials and tons of other great beauty uses.  She has a large presence in the youtube world and explains 5 DIY beauty hacks using all natural ingredients. 


Ever wonder if there are easy and simple ways to use natural items as part of your beauty routine?  Ways to use an essential oil as a Lip Plumper?  Or using a carrier oil as a hair mask? Well there are tons of great and simple ways to incorporate natural ingredients into your daily beauty routine and we have worked with Beauty Guru Youtuber, Dyna, on some of her best practices using All Natural Ingredients. She showed in the video how to use natural ingredients to use as a Lip Balm, Hair Mask, Plump your lips, Wash your Makeup Brushes and use as a Moisturizer.  Here is more detail about the video that is shown below.

Tip # 1 – LIP BALM

Lip balmThere are tons of Lip Balms out there that have chemicals, parabens and other ingredients that most people can’t pronounce.  This is a product that is VERY close to your mouth so I know for me, I want a natural lip balm. I know that I use my lip balm about 20 times a day, yes a little obsessed, but I want to make sure that I am using the most natural lip protection and moisturizer out there.  Dyna has stated in the video that she uses Cleopatras Choice All Natural Shea Butter as her lip balm choice. Shea butter can be used for numerous benefits for the face and body and is an all natural product produced from the Shea Nut in Africa.  This Shea butter is quick to absorb and does not leave behind any oily residue.  It is all natural and is Grade A.




Moisturizers can be such a hassle to find the correct one for your skin as  everyone has differentmoisturizer face with oils skin types and there are so many different brands and recipes out there.  There are also a ton of moisturizers that contain harmful ingredients and probably don’t work as well due to these unnatural ingredients and parabens added.  I know that in the past I suffered extremely dry skin. I started to use Oils as a Moisturizer and I love using Natural ingredients on my face.  Some of the best moisturizers that are all natural are Essential Oils.  They don’t clog your pores, they absorb quickly and you know what you are putting on your face and neck.  In the video below, there is more mention of how to obtain a great moisturizer and how to use it by adding Argan Oil and Rosehip Oil.  Another great benefit of using the oils as part of your moisturizing routine, is that these oils also contain anti aging protection when combined together!  So not only is your face hydrated, your face also looks younger and more radiant!



Makeup brushesThere are TONS of different brush cleaning soaps, shampoos and other tricks to get you to purchase a brush cleaner.  These items may contain harsh chemicals that you are then adding to your makeup and adding to your face.  So there is a simple Natural way to clean your brushes.  The video below will go into more detail.  Basically all you need is, a cotton pad, fractionated coconut oil, soap, water and your brushes.  The fractionated coconut oil is all natural and that will be your cleanser.  Then to get the oil off, all you need to do is clean the brushes with soap and water, let them dry and you are ready to use them again!



As we all know and see in the media, tons of celebrities are getting lip  injections to plump their lips.lip plumper  I personally don’t want the additives in my body nor do I want to inject something into my lip.  There is a simple and natural way to plump your lips.  That is by taking your favorite lip gloss or your shea butter lip balm or any other lip balm that you use and add a few drops of peppermint oil to it.  Shake the lip balm or mix well in your finger and apply.  The peppermint oil will give your lips a tingling sensation.  That will go away.  It just means that it is working its magic!


Tip # 5 – HAIR MASK

Hair with OilMany women go to a salon and pay big bucks to have a hair mask done or deep conditioning for their dyed or bleached hair.  Did you know that you can get a great hair mask by using Fractionated Coconut Oil?  This oil is odorless and colorless.  It provides tons of moisture to dry and brittle hair as well as your scalp.  This has brought life to Dyna’s hair as she mentions below that she bleaches her hair and she uses this mask to hydrate her hair and help give it volume. This oil is also non greasy and absorbs quickly into the hair and scalp.


Here is the video where these 5 DIY beauty hacks are shown more in detail and how Dyna explains how she uses these herself and how they work for her.  Enjoy!


These are some Great and Simply DIY tips that can be incorporated daily.  Another great benefit of these hacks is that these are all natural.  So you know what you are using and can pronounce all the items when applying to your face or hair.  I would love to know if you tried these hacks and which ones worked well for you.  Do you have any other natural beauty hacks that you do daily? If so what are they?

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